J&J Santorini Car Rental reserves the right to change car model in exceptional cases

Insurance & Coverage

  • Third party insurance
  • Unlimited Kilometer
  • Immediate Car Replacement
  • Death or damage to third parties (not covered drivers and passengers)
  • Property damage to third parties (excluded j&j 's car)
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Coverage theft

Optional Insurances (with extra charge)

C.D.W. (collision damage waiver)

Renters completely except from liability for any car damage over (300 up to 1000 euro) depending on the category of the car as long as they accept its terms of our contract with their signature.

Super C.D.W.

If the renter wishes super c.d.w. with zero euro exception should accept its terms of our contract with their signature.

For both coverage the prerequisite is driving under the road code and the driver is registered in the contract.

The renter whether it has accepted the C.D.W. or super C.D.W. is obliged to pay any damage or replace destroyed tires rims as well as damages to the bottom of the rented car and crystals.


Cancellation policy

J&J Santorini Car Rental allows you to cancel your reservation with no cost (48 hours before your rental day) Online by email or by calling the help desk

Cancellation Fee

If the reservation is cancelled more than 48 hours before the pickup time, J&J Santorini Car Rental offers a full refund of the prepaid amount of your reservation. If the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of the pick up or is not picked up at all, a no-show fee will be apply.

Terms Of Use

Personal data

Essential condition in order to start a transaction between us is to know your personal data. When ordering you will be requested to give your personal details, your e-mail address etc. The company and J&J car rental santorini faithfully following the convictions of protecting personal data predicted by laws and international conventions won't make any illegal and without your approval use. J&J Santorini Car Rental does not reveal, publish, sell or exchange personal data and information you trust us. In special occasions your personal data might be published by the company, always following the predicted, by law, procedure when this is exacted by the Public Rule, court, etc. J&J Santorini Car Rental reserves the right to inform suppliers with statistics from sales, which in no condition will contain personal data that may lead to recognition of people.

Ways of paying

For the convenience and service of those wanting to buy from our store, we have the following alternative ways of paying:

  1. By credit card online
  2. By Paypal
  3. By cash on delivery

Vehicle rent prices

In the prices registered in the catalogues next to every item Value Added Tax is included

Standing Right

All transactions through J&J Santorini Car Rental are regulated by the International and European right that controls matters related to electronic trade as and by Law protecting consumers (N.2251/1994) that controls matters of selling in distance.

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